Monday, July 14, 2008

Daily Devotionals Emailed To You

There are some daily devotionals that I receive in my email that I believe are worthy of passing on. Here are the links to the main ones I receive (or have received in the past), and each of these pages has a link you can click on to sign up to receive them for yourself. These first two links are ones I have been receiving for approximately two years now (since fall 2006), and Days Of Praise for significantly longer. These first three devotionals solely use the King James Bible; however, you will find the rare comment in Days Of Praise where they say, "a better rendering/translation would be..." Just ignore anything like that, and you will find much to be blessed by. I have used many devotionals from each of these sources for meal devotionals at the Gospel Mission.

Devotionals from Mount Zion Baptist Church - By Pastor Thomas Smith. These are excellent, sound, separated and soulwinning devotionals. Pretty meaty with a lot of application. I highly recommend signing up for this one. He sends out a year's worth of devotionals, then rotates them again.

Daily In The Word - by Paul Chappell. These ones are fairly good - ranging from really meaty to short, but edifying. My only problem with him is he quotes without a disclaimer C.S. Lewis (and some others) at times that I could never endorse. Read with discernment and you will be blessed.

Days Of Praise - by Institute For Creation Research (ICR). Normally, these are fairly meaty (in contrast to the fluff found in Our Daily Bread) and worth reading. There is the occasional one I would disagree with. Look up the passages that are brought forth, consider what is being said. Much to be blessed by, even if you don't agree with all. You can sign up to receive these by email and/or in print for free.

I don't have current links for the next two devotionals, but you should be able to find them online at various sites (suggestion: do a Google search for their titles). Unlike the daily devotionals listed above, the ones below contain the same articles sent out every year (as they are based on printed works). You might want to sign up for one this year and a different one next year.

Morning And Evening devotional - by Charles Spurgeon. Excellent! One of my favourites! There is a devotional for every morning and evening of the year.

Streams In The Desert - by Mrs. Charles Cowman. There are some truly encouraging devotionals and poems in this book that are a tremendous blessing when you are going through trials - BUT I cannot endorse all of them. There are also some Bible references used from other versions. Please read these devotionals with discernment, look up each passage in your King James Bible, and throw out the ones that don't line up completely with God's Word.

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  1. ICR has some of the best devotions and answers to skeptics and evolutionists. Their information is tops!